• Tru0067

    Currently working on updating all the wiki pages and adding all new content. Upcoming additions include the shrike and tempest as well as all the new maps.

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  • Lueosi

    Weapon section updated!

    February 18, 2015 by Lueosi

    As some of you already noticed there were a lot of recent changes to all the weapons articles including subcategories, game mechanics and classifications. Extirminator and me put some work into updating all the weapon statistics, creating an info box template and unifying all the weapon articles (description, common tactics, ammunition choices). We also updated all other component articles. Additionally there are easy to navigate breadcrumbs at the beginning of all articles in categories.

    Updated or new articles (not including redirects, templates):

    • Category:Components
      • Armor
      • Balloon
      • Engines (new)
      • Hull
      • Category:Weapons
        • Category:Fire-Starting Weapons‎ (new)
          • ...
        • Category:Heavy Weapons‎
          • ...
        • Category:Kill Weapons (new)
          • ...
        • Category:Light Weapons‎
          • ...
        • Category…
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  • Umikaloo

    i was scouting for enemies in raid on the refinery when i noticed this in the distance, at first i was wodering why i couldnt mark it then i realised it wasnt even a useable ship! i was gonna go see what this is but unfortunatley the raid on the refinery map is 3v3 so i cant host my own game and go see.

    feel free to speculate on what this might be, personally i think this looks like the ship from the cover art.

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  • Wildbillalways

    Since this is a site that supports Guns of Icarus Online, I'm giving you guys a link to my video on Youtube of me and my friends sucking at Guns of Icarus Online. I hope you guys enjoy!

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  • Elendu

    Weapon types (standardization)

    September 16, 2013 by Elendu

    I think we need to decide on standard terms for classifying guns on airships.  The problem is that the game labels guns two different ways.  One is by "Heavy Gun" or "Light Gun" when you mouse over a weapon for the description, as well as when referencing "Hardpoints" in the in-game manual.  However when making a weapon selection it shows available "Medium Guns" and "Small Guns".  In addition the game developers have mentioned weapons using "Small" and "Medium" terms.

    I think we need to decide on ONE of these terms, and change the categories to match.  As of now, there are "Light" and "Medium" weapon categories, and this does not make sence.  Let me know what you guys think!

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  • LeleoAlmeida

    Hello! If you're reading this is most likely that you are an active member of this Wikia. If so, you have also noticed that our wiki doesn't have a an active admin for more than 2 months, being one of his last posts last September.

    To solve this issue, I sent an email to Muse Games, asking for support on the Wiki Project. Howard (Bubbles, for some) gave me a green light, and said he's going to do what he can. He's is already providing some nice material that I think would be of great value to the project.

    Most of all, I am here to ask if everybody agrees that I take the role of "captain", taking this ship to the right direction and rewarding the right crew!

    Hope to solve this quickly, and the best way possible!
    LeleoAlmeida (talk) 09:09, Augus…

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  • Kalimando

    I'll be adding most of the missing pages to the wiki as well as cleaning up or removing unnecessary pages and adding pictures where necessary.

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  • MysticDweomer

    I am working on laying out the Wiki, adding quick navigation tables to each page for convenience, and creating individual pages for individual game items, classes, weapons, and airships to aid the search functions of the wiki.  This will allow for better content flow, still allow for summaries on the generic title pages, but individual pages will give deeper details and act as a reference for players.  A strategy sections should be created in the Wiki's forums to allow for discussion and distribtion of common playstyles to better prepare new crewmen and captains for flight.

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