For cosmetics, see Customization.All classes can use any equipment, but are limited in how many they can have from each category at a time.

Piloting Equipment[edit | edit source]

The pilot of an airship has access to three different piloting tools out of two categories (helm tools and sighting tools), which can greatly affect the outcome of a battle when used properly. Each ability has its own usefulness, and each can be used effectively. Choosing the right tools for the battle might save the ship and its crew from destruction.

Engineers and gunners can bring only one piloting tool. And since they are usually not on the helm, only a sighting tool makes sense.

Helm Tools
Sighting Tools
Piloting Equipment Stats
Name Component Damage to

Component, HP/s


Delay, s

Drag and Force Additional Info
Kerosene Engines 10 Thrust: +150%

Angular Drag: +300%

Moonshine Engines 30 Thrust: +200%

Angular Drag: +1000% Longitudinal Drag: -50%

Phoenix Claw Engines 13 Thrust: +50%

Angular Drag: -65% Longitudinal Drag: +200%

Tar Barrel Engines 20 3 Create a tar cloud.
Drift Sail Engines 3 Thrust: -50%

Longitudinal Drag: -90% Lateral Drag: -100% Angular Drag: -77%

Impact Damage: +100%
Hydrogen Canister Balloon 112.5 3 Climb: +350%

Descent: -2000% Vertical Drag: -60%

Balloon Fire Ignition Chance: +50%
Chute Vent Balloon 97.5 3 Descent: +300%

Climb: -2000% Vertical Drag: -60%

Drogue Chute Balloon 2 Vertical Drag: +250%

Longitudinal Drag: +250% Lateral Drag: +500%

Impact Bumpers All 5 Angular Drag: +350%

Lateral Drag: +500%

Impact Damage: -30%

Engineering Equipment[edit | edit source]

The engineer of an airship has access to three different engineering tools out of three categories (repair tools, fire-fighting tools and enhancement tools), which can greatly affect the outcome of a battle when used properly. Each tool has its own usefulness, and one is not better than the other.

Gunners can bring two engineering tools and Pilots can take single tool.

Repair Tools Fire-Fighting Tools Enhancement Tools
Engineering Equipment Stats
Engineering Equipment Name Repair Per Hit, HP Repair Rate, HP/s Rebuild Power Cooldown, s Fire Stacks Removal Fire Immunity, s Additional Info
Pipe Wrench 120 24 4 5 1
Rubber Mallet 250 27.8 2 9
Shifting Spanner 40 20 5 2
Fail-safe Kit 1 24 3 8 Auto-Repair 360 HP over 15 s (24 HP/s)
Fire Extinguisher 2 20 4
Chemical Spray 5 3 25
Dynabuff Industries Kit Buff effect, which depends on the type of component
Armor Kit 312 external armor to any component

Gunnery Equipment[edit | edit source]

The gunner of an airship has access to three different special ammunition types, which can greatly affect the outcome of a battle when used properly. Each ammunition type changes the weapon stats.

Pilots and engineers can bring only one special ammunition type.

Additionally each class has access to default ammunition type preloaded into all guns at the beginning.

Ammunition Stats
Ammunition Name Damage, % Clip Size, % Rate of Fire, % Projectile Speed, % Jitter, % Rotation Speed, % Additional Info
Burst Rounds AoE Radius: +50% AoE damage: +10% Direct damage: -20% Shell's lifetime: -50% Arming time: -25%
Charged Rounds +30 -20 -25 +20 -20
Extended Magazine -15 +50 -10
Greased Rounds -20 +20 +60 -20 -15
Heatsink Clip -20 +50 Gun immune to fire
Heavy Clip -20 -90
Incendiary Rounds -30 -30 Ignition Chance: +25%
Lesmok Rounds -30 +70 -30
Lochnagar Shot +125 -60 -60 -80 AoE Radius: -50% Arming Time: -60% Self-damage to gun

Bugs[edit source]

This section contains bugs related to Equipment. Before adding a bug to this list, confirm it with other editors on the talk page.

  • Sometimes the ammunition changes to default after emptying a clip even though the player has the previously loaded ammunition available.
  • Rarely when a player repairs or buffs a reloading gun, the displayed ammo type changes to the tool used by the player. In fact the ammo type changes to default ammo despite it looks like a "Mallet" or "Buff" ammo type.

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