Summary Edit

A clan consists of a group of people united together under a common banner. Clans serve as a connection between individual players, bringing people together to form a united community.

In Guns of Icarus Online, clans serve as a way to easily and conveniently play and chat with your friends, form groups of common interests and enter the competitive scene as a team.

Forming a Clan Edit

Clans can be created by clicking the 'Create Clan' button, from the Clan List (Found in the Community tab). When creating a clan, you are required to fill in the following information:

  • A tag for the clan. Clan tags consist of up to 4 characters, and show up before your in-game name.
  • A name for the clan. Clan names are the title for your clan, they will show up in your clan page. Clan names are requested to be named in consideration of the naming policy.
  • A quote for the clan. A sentence that will be displayed in your clan page.

Clans are required to gather at least 5 members within a period of 5 days, or the clan will be deleted.

Managing a Clan Edit

The clan's hierarchy consists of three roles:

  1. Clan Hierarchy
  2. Officer.
  3. Member.

The founder of the clan is the only leader of the clan, and the leader can add and kick members to and from the clan. In addition, the leader can change descriptions, titles and featured community events in the clan page, as well as the clan tag. The clan leader holds the power to disband the clan.

The clan leader can promote and demote officers, that have the power to perform everything listed above, with the exception of disbanding the clan. Officers are selected by the leader for the ease of clan administration.

Lastly are the normal members of the clan, that possess no administrative power.

Much as the other forms of chat, such as party, crew, or team chat, there is a chat designated for the clan (Default key 'O').

Clan Page Edit

Clan Page

A clan page.

The clan page serves as the heart of the clan, with all major clan related options and clan information found there.

The clan page displays the title,clan tag, level, and current experience of the clan - complete with a rewards section for unlocking clan-level related rewards, and a section for the clan quote. In the middle is a message board that displays information, with two public pages for everyone to see, and a private page for clan-member-only usage. The bottom of the page displays featured community events. Current clan members and their rank are displayed on the left of the page.

Member Reputation and Clan Level Edit

Clan Rewards

The clan rewards page, where clan rewards can be unlocked.

After completing matches, each member of the clan receives personal reputation that increases their reputation level. Members who complete matches with members of their clan on the same crew will gain bonus reputation points, and a larger bonus if the level of the member you completed the match with is 10 or more levels below that of your own. After leaving a clan, your member reputation will be reset.

Similar to member reputation, the clan level rises through gaining clan reputation points gained by completing matches. The clan reputation is a pool of points shared by all members that count towards the next clan level, with the amount of clan reputation gained per match determined by the number of active players in the clan - the more active members in the clan, the fewer the reputation points earned per match. The current maximum clan level possible to reach is 15.

In order to unlock rewards from the clan page, your reputation level and your clan's level must be both equal to or larger than the level of the reward you wish to unlock. For example, if your reputation level is 2 and your clan level is 3, you will be able to unlock the level 2 reward but not the level 3 reward.

Rewards Edit

Level Clan XP Needed Personal Reputation Needed Reward
Level   1           0       0 -
Level   2     2000   500 Indigo Dye
Level   3     5200 1000 "Griffin" Decal
Level   4     9200 1500 Dark Green Paint
Level   5   13600 2000 "Cultist" title
Level   6   18400 2500 "Hold Fast" Decal
Level   7   25075 3100 additional Gunner preset
Level   8   32400 3700 "Zealot" title
Level   9   43000 4300 additional Engineer preset
Level 10   55550 4900 additional ship preset
Level 11   69600 5500 "Thick as Thieves" Decal
Level 12   91700 6100 additional Pilot preset
Level 13 116700 6700 golden skin for Spyglass
Level 14 141700 7300 "Legionnaire" title
Level 15 166700 7900 golden skin for Pipe Wrench

Clan Rankings and Leader-boards Edit

Rankings Edit

The clan rankings, located under the community tab, hold ranking of clans over several categories:

  • Newest
  • Most Active (clans with highest average of games played per player, repopulated every week)
  • Growth
  • Commendations
  • Level

Leader-Boards Edit

The clan leader-boards, located under the community tab, hold rankings of clans for competitive events.

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