Coins are the currency of the world of Guns of Icarus. Players can earn coins from each match and spend them to buy reinforcements to help their faction on the World Map. Each action also grants you faction reputation equal to 2.5 times the coins you spent.

Earning Coins Edit

Up to 200 coins can be earned from each match. The exact amount depends on how much the player has done typical actions of his class, eg. repairing components as engineer.

Coins are also sometimes given out as reward for winning events or tournaments, as alternative to cosmetics.

Spending Coins Edit

Coins can be spent on the world map to purchase reinforcements that help your faction. There are various different reinforcements:

  • Fortifications: Increase the war effort requirement of the enemy
  • Troops: Instantly add some war effort for your side
  • Effort Buffs: Increases the war effort you will produce for a short time
  • Mission Aid/Sabotage: Changes the deadline or reward for a mission

All reinforcements except Aid/Sabotage are purchased from the battle overview and affect this battle. Aid/Sabotage reinforcements are purchased from the mission details view and affect this mission.

Another way to spend coins is to unlock a battle that the leaders have previously voted on. 10000 coins are needed to finish unlocking the battle.