This page features an overview of ongoing events and past tournaments in Guns of Icarus Online. Additional info as well as the sign-ups can be found on the Guns of Icarus Forum in the Community Events section.

The given times of on-going events are not guaranteed to be correct due to various daylight saving times in action. If you're interested in the events always check the correct times beforehand either on the forum or in-game.

Competing and of course winning in various tournaments and events can usually grant you rewards such as special in-game titles, badges and profile pictures. Some events feature in-game shop items as prizes as well.

Events Edit

Sunday Community Skirmish Edit

One of the oldest currently ongoing weekly competitive events in Guns of Icarus. The event takes place every Sunday at 7pm UTC (3pm EDT). The setup of this event is a 2v2 thus eight player teams are put against each other usually in Double Elimination format. To join this event you need to sign-up at least one hour before the event starts with a full team of eight players. For competing you get the Skirmisher title and for winning you get the Skirmish Champion title as well as Reinforcement Coins to strengthen your faction efforts.

Forum Announcement | Official discord | Ruleset | Youtube channel

Chaos Skirmish Saturdays Edit

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A weekly event that takes place every Saturday at 9.30pm EDT (1.30am UTC) and therefore is more suited for American players. The event lasts several matches with randomized crews and special rules/loadouts for each match and it's the only event using a 4v4 format. The special ruleset for one of the matches is chosen by a vote on the Guns of Icarus Forums before the event starts. Everybody is welcome to join as long as he's willing to cooperate with the rules.

Official website | Steam group | Twitch stream

Fight the Devs Edit

Dev games

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10pm UTC (6pm EDT) you can fight the Guns of Icarus developers! All players are welcome to join and try to claim their prize – a free Muse-made item from the in-game shop. The event lasts three 3v3 matches, winners of each round need to screenshot the winning screen to redeem their items of choosing. Winners usually make room in the next match for new players, to give them a chance to win an item as well. The password for the lobby is released on the stream and in the global chat before the event.

Twitch stream


The Iron Fork of Friday Edit

Iron Fork is a casual event with a long tradition taking place every Friday after the Dev Fireside Chat. The event is hosted by the Cake clan and it's open to public for players of all skills and levels. The matches are usually 3v3 and start around 8pm UTC (4pm EDT).

Twitch stream

Monday Munker Madness Edit

A weekly event happening on Mondays at 9pm UTC (3pm EDT). As the name suggests this event is all about munkers – junkers fully equipped with mines and sometimes muids are mixed in as well. Usually two or three matches are played every Monday. The winners of each match receive the title Mine Magician. Anybody is free to join, the password for the lobby is released in the global chat.

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Tournaments Edit


March 2017

Murderbrawl Funtime Edit

Murderbrawl Funtime had a classic format of a 2v2 round robin tournament, but teams played against each other three matches per set – one Deathmatch, one King of the Hill and one VIP match. Another uniqueness of this tournament was a fact that teams could only use each type of ship once during a match set. Winners were decided based on a point system.

Forum Announcement | Ruleset | Maps and sets

Results Team
1st place Dmitrij's Angels
2nd place Team Bumble Merc. Corp.
3rd place The Mad Hatters

The Big Brass Revival Edit


December 2016

Big Brass Revival was a 2v2 tournament with eight players per team. The tournament used a Double Elimination format as well as a Best of 3 – thus one match in a classic Double Elimination was represented by a set of three matches in this tournament. The tournament was hosted by Muse and alongside other rewards it was the first tournament to feature cash prizes ($350 total).

Forum Announcement | Brackets | Ruleset | Maps and sets | Trailer

Results Team
1st place Fancy Cloud Dancers
2nd place Chef Xedeon's Potatoes au Gratin
3rd place Clan Clan

Sprocket League Cup Edit


September 2016

Sprocket League Cup was a one-day 2v2 tournament hosted by Muse & friends. It was the first – and so far only Skyball competitive event in Guns of Icarus. The tournament featured classic Double Elimination format.

Forum Announcement | Brackets | Maps and matches

Results Team
1st place Hive Mined
2nd place Potato Predators
3rd place Museasaurs

Cake's Unbirthday Tournament 2016 Edit

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July–August 2016

The Unbirthday Tournament is an annual event hosted and run by the Cake Clan. The tournament stretched over the course of five weeks and employed the Round Robin format. Teams consisted of four players – one ship and they were sorted into two divisions based on levels to allow equal chance of success for players of all skill levels. Teams did not have to participate in every week of the tournament. Every week there was a different sets of match rules/gamemode. Winners were decided based on a point system.

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Steam group | Ruleset

Results Team
1st place Storm Facepaw
2nd place Team Eclipse
3rd place East Chaladon Trading #1

7 Deady Ships Edit


May–July 2016

Seven Deadly Ships was a 2v2 7 week long tournament, where every week only one type of ship was allowed to be played by the teams – Pyramidion, Goldfish, Squid, Galleon, Junker, Spire, and Mobula respectably. Winners were decided based on a point system. Teams announced their loadouts beforehand to the organizers and their loadouts were ranked and divided into tiers depending on the chosen weapons – the more impractical the ship was, the more points would the team get for a win.

Forum Announcement | Point system | Ruleset | Maps and Matches

Results Team
1st place Storm Ryders
2nd place Predator Island
3rd place Fancy Maenad Ryders

Cronus League Edit

Cronus League zps9wndbqzs

January–March 2016

Cronus League was a ten week long single ship tournament featuring a point system for scoring. Every week two 4-player teams were paired using the high-low setup depending on their points, thus the team with the highest amount of points was paired up with the team that had the lowest amount and so on. Teams started with 1000 points and upon a win they received a percentage of the enemies' points. Therefore beating a higher ranking team was worth more points and vice versa. Matches were either 2v2 Deathmatch or 2v2 King of the Hill. The finale used Double Round Robin format.

Forum Announcement | Ruleset | Maps and Matches

Results Team
1st place Skyborne
2nd place Team Predators
3rd place Ouroborus

TimmyB Tournament: Season 2 Edit

Timmyb final

September–October 2015

TimmyB Tournament is a six week long single ship event featuring a point system and different gamemode with special rules every week – spanning from standard Deathmatch to Demolition Derby and Galleon Races. This event was aimed at players of all skill levels offering alternative to the competitive scene. During the event random bonus points were awarded to the teams for various feats, such as great ramkills, arriving early and wearing pimped costumes.

The tournament was designed by TimmyB who unfortunately passed away before its completion and thus the event is run by his friends he made in the Guns of Icarus community in his name.

Forum Announcement | Wrap-up | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6

Results Team
1st place Crepe Crepe
2nd place Anglean Gym
3rd place Brick's Tsundere Waifus

Aerodrome 3: The Mercantile War Edit


July–August 2015

Aerodrome is recurring tournament featuring five week long single ship gameplay using modified VIP gamemode called Cargo Carrier in the 3v3 format. The Cargo Carrier is different in that the VIP status is passed onto the ship, that killed the previous VIP. The tournament employed a point system and sign-ups were available every week. Sign-ups were in the form of buying a contract – either trading contract, therefore starting with the cargo and being the VIP or a rival contract, where your goal is to hunt the cargo.

A notable characteristic of the Aerodrome tournaments is that they are accompanied by a background story complete with narration – available on youtube.

Forum Announcement | Trailer | Ruleset | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Finals

Results Team
Winner Ryder Alliance
Runner-up Crimson, Bards, and Phobos Trade Alliance

The Cogs Edit

Season 1 winner: The Paddling

Season 1 second place: The Brood

The Icarus Sky Tournament Edit

Group Play followed by Playoffs

May/June 2013:

Map Pool - Canyon Ambush, Dunes, Duel at Dawn, Northern Fjords

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Group A Edit

Saturday 5/25 4pm EST

1. Museosaurs 2-0
2. Corvus Marauders 2-1
3. SA DraGoons 1-2
4. Insert Team Name//Callos 0-2
Group A Matches
Corvus Marauders SA DraGoons
Museosaurs ITN//Callos
Museosaurs Corvus Marauders
SA DraGoons ITN//Callos
Corvus Marauders SA DraGoons

Group B Edit

Sunday 5/26 4pm EST

1. Black Flight Squadron 2-0
2. The Pastafarians 2-1
3. Zac's Flying Ghuuu 1-2
4. Attention//Infinity 0-2
Group B Matches
Black Flight Squadron Zac's Flying Ghuuu
The Pastafarians Attention//Infinity
Black Flight Squadron The Pastafarians
Zac's Flying Ghuuu Attention//Infinity
The Pastafarians Zac's Flying Ghuuu

Group C Edit

Saturday 6 /1 4pm EST

1. The Falconeers 2-0
2. Polaris Company 2-1
3. The Valiant 1-2
4. The Gentlemen 0-2
Group C Matches
Polaris Company The Gentlemen
The Falconeers The Valiant
The Falconeers Polaris Company
The Valiant The Gentlemen
Polaris Company The Valiant
Playoffs Round 1
Corvus Marauders Polaris Company
Museosaurs The Pastafarians
Playoffs Round 2
Black Flight Squadron Polaris Company
The Falconeers The Pastafarians

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