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Goldfish Specs
Ship Statistics
Hull Armor: 400 HP
Ship Health: 1100 HP
Balloon Health: 1200 HP
Light Weapon Slots: 2
Heavy Weapon Slots: 1
Max Speed: 42.00 m/s
Acceleration: 3.60 m/s²
Max Turn Speed: 13.99 deg/s
Turn Acceleration: 12.99 deg/s²
Max Vertical Speed: 16.99 m/s
Vertical Acceleration: 3.25 m/s²
Thrust: 525,000 N
Lift Force: 487,500 N
Mass: 150 t
Hull Profile: 680 m²
Balloon Profile: 969 m²
Additional Info

The starboard light gun is angled 82.5° away from the center.

Striking a balance between durability and firepower, the Goldfish is a rough-and-ready warship that has found widespread use as a front-line fighter in skirmishes of all kinds, from battle fleets to pirate raids. With a powerful fore-mounted weapon and multiple side weapon slots, it is able to pull off both menacing charges and devastating broadside sweeps.

Evadne's Reports

The Goldfish is a fast and light ship, with a long and thin hull. It has high maneuvering capabilities while still possessing firepower capable of packing a aimed punch. With the bulk of the firepower focused on the front of the ship, it is built for charges and basic forward engagements. As a result of the concentrated firepower, it is also prone to being easily disabled.

Ship LayoutEdit

Deck LayoutEdit

The Goldfish consists of a long main deck which extends around to the back of the ship on the starboard side, and a smaller upper deck which is accessed via stairs on the port side. There is a small storage area in the middle of the lower deck, which is open on either side. On the upper deck, there is a roof covering the path forward to the helm, which looks out over the fore of the ship. The upper deck also includes the tail of the Goldfish extending back.


The Goldfish is equipped with 1 heavy weapon and 2 light weapons.

  • Slot 1 is the heavy weapon, located on the bow.
  • Slots 2 and 3 are light weapons on either side of the ship, aimed out to opposite directions. More emphasis is often placed on the starboard gun as it is nearer the hull and faces slightly more forward than the port mount.

Fore heavy gun is main ship firepower, choice of it determines used tactics, Manticore Heavy Hwacha and Hellhound Heavy Twin Carronade is two most commonly used gun. Side slot generally mounted with wide horizontal arc, close range guns to supplement the firepower of the main gun or defense of ship provide. Since heavy guns arc is limited, usually side and fore guns arc don't direct overlap, that forces the pilot to make specific turns, which gave the name to the ship.


  • The armor component is located to the starboard side of the main deck, in fore part of ship, in line with the light weapons. The possible shortcut to reach it from upper deck is the jump down from point next to helm, it can be used for help with guns maintenance as well.
  • The balloon component is located at the aft on the upper deck.
  • The main engine is at the extreme aft of the ship on the upper deck, at the end of the ship's "tail".
  • The two light engines are at the aft of the lower deck. Jump down from both side of upper deck in line little behind balloon component can be used to reach each engine. If both engine require maintenance during repair cycle, preferable to jump to port engine located in dead end and check starboard on backway to upper deck.
  • The helm located in front end of the upper deck, giving excellent visibility to pilot.

Crew RolesEdit

Pilot Edit

  • Due to the isolated helm position relative to other components, it is not advised for the pilot to help in maintaining any component. The balloon component might look like it is close to the helm and thus, appealing to help with rebuilding, but in practice, it is better to steer the ship into an advantageous position rather than rebuilding it.
  • Pilot tools set for increase speed and maneuverability of ship is strongly recommended, like Kerosene, Phoenix Claw and Hydrogen Canister, with possible variation.

Aft EngineerEdit

  • The aft engineer is responsibility to repair the heavy engine, turning engines and balloon.
  • The aft engineer sometimes equipped with a Dynabuff Industries Kit, and should maintain a buff on all the engines and balloon. If he has a buffkit, he should also be prepared to swap places with the hull engineer if the balloon is under heavy pressure.
  • By jumping down from the top deck to the lower deck the aft engineer can repair the light engines, this saves time and makes an efficient repair cycle.
Goldfish Engine Jump

Jump down here, then hold back to land beside the light engine.

Hull EngineerEdit

  • The hull engineer's priority is the hull. He should stay near it, at the fore of the ship, and also help to maintain all the weapons (with heavy gun in priority) and the turning engines.
  • On long runs, with continuously engines burning, hull engineer take repair of turning engines, to allow aft engineer focus on heavy engine.
  • He should also be prepared to swap places with the balloon engineer (if he has a Dynabuff Industries Kit and lack of maintence tools) if the balloon is under heavy pressure.
  • The hull engineer is often expected to man the starboard weapon, occasionally as part of a bifecta with the front heavy weapon.


  • The Gunner's job is to fire and maintain the heavy weapon at the fore of the ship, and also man the side guns if the heavy weapon is on reload, was destroyed or out of the arc.
  • The gunner help may be required to rebuild the hull under heavy fire. Since the rebuild usually takes place in conjunction with the hull engineer, it is important to ensure that it can be checked with the mallet immediately after, not blocking with wrench cooldown.

Gallery Edit

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