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Magnate Specs
Ship Statistics
Hull Armor: 620 HP
Ship Health: 1100 HP
Balloon Health: 1200 HP
Light Weapon Slots: 4
Heavy Weapon Slots: 2
Max Speed: 34.00 m/s
Acceleration: 5.00 m/s²
Max Turn Speed: 15.07 deg/s
Turn Acceleration: 4.04 deg/s²
Max Vertical Speed: 16.01 m/s
Vertical Acceleration: 3.00 m/s²
Thrust: 537500 N
Lift Force: 375000 N
Mass: 200 t
Additional Info

Fore light guns are angled 30° away from the center. Middle light and rear heavy side guns are angled 60° away from the center.

Drawing inspiration from the much older Goldfish hull design, the grandiose Magnate is often the crown of a privateer's collection. The Mercantile Guilde's signature cluster of round balloons, base on earlier Baronite design and later sold to Yesha, aborn the ship like a crown. With ample guns and gilding , it shines in the sky under the watch of a skilled crew. However, its large size, slow speed and somewhat complex deck layout also make it a difficult ship for new crew, and a prime target in the sky.

Evadne's Reports

The Magnate is a fast and relatively moderate turning ship. Its large mass and fast forward speed make it an excellent ram ship. The large width, length and height of the ship make it an easy target, but it's 2 heavy gun slots and 4 light gun slots make up for that factor. The ships guns are angled more forward, but are still facing outward at a slight angle. This makes the ship excellent at mid to long range and, and CQC so long as the captain and crew keep the enemy ships from its blind spot, the aft deck. Its relatively complex deck layout makes it a difficult ship to crew, and because of such it has seen limited competitive use. However, in the hands of a skilled crew and an excellent captain, this ship is only stopped by balloon popping load-out. On that note, the ship is lacking in vertical acceleration, making balloon popping ships even more of a threat to it.

The Magnate is Alliance's faction-specific ship of the Mercantile Guild.

Ship LayoutEdit

Deck LayoutEdit

The Magnate consists of a long upper deck which extends from the front of the ship to the rear, and divide to two part lower deck narrow in fore and wide in aft. Ramp on each side lead from fore of the lower deck to upper deck and ladder on each side lead from aft of the lower deck to upper deck. Access from the front of the lower deck to the aft, passing the upper deck, is possible only with a jump through the gap on the side of the ship, which is risky enough.


The Magnate has 4 light weapon slots and 2 heavy weapon slots.

  • Slots 1 and 2 are heavy weapons located on the lower deck in aft part of the ship, one for each side and angled 60 degrees away from the the center.
  • Slot 3 and 4 are light weapons located on the lower deck at the fore of the ship, one for each side and angled 30 degrees away from the the center.
  • Slots 5 and 6 are are light weapons located on the upper deck in midship, one for each side and angled 60 degrees away from the the center. Guns in this slots can be reached not only from fore deck and upper deck, but from aft of lower deck as well, by jump on rails next to heavy gun slots.

Despite the arrangement of the front guns directed more forward, the arrangement of heavy guns assumes the use of broadside tactics as the main one. Each side can be dedicated to a certain range or tactic. The location of the slot in relation to the center line of the ship should be considered when installing guns to make arc overlap.


  • The hull component is located at lower deck in the fore part of the ship.
  • The balloon is located at the rear end of lower deck on center line of ship.
  • Two turning light engines is locate at rear end of lower deck widely in the corners.
  • The main engine is located at rear end of upper deck, above the balloon component. It can be repaired from below by jumping onto the rails surrounding the balloon from behind and jumping once more to reach it, to avoid more long way form lower deck to upper deck by ladders.
  • The helm is located at the fore of the upper deck. It's possible to reach to helm with jump from corner of hull component raised platform.

Crew RolesEdit

Pilot Edit

  • In cases in which ship movement is not in top priority, pilot can jump down to lower deck to help with maintaining the armor, or shoot one of the fore light guns in order to maximize damage output. However back way to helm by the ramp to upper deck is long enough and attempt to jump to helm from hull platform is too tricky, which can lead to a critical loss of control of the ship.

Fore Engineer Edit

  • The Fore Engineer is responsible for firing the forward gun and repairing the hull. In cases where hull in safe, he can reach the midship guns or even help with maintenance main engine.

Aft Engineer Edit

  • The Aft Engineer is responsible for maintaining the all engines and balloon, and also for manning the upper deck guns in the midship.

Gunner Edit

  • The Gunner shoots the heavy gun, and often the light gun on the upper deck, with a good sense of balance he can reach both by moving on rails on lower deck between this two guns. In cases where the gunner is not able to provide support with using his guns in an engagement, he can help for repairing the balloon and turning engines.
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