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Range Finder
Keeping a ship within the line of sight while scoped will give the distance to target for yourself, and any gunner on the ship will know if their gun is in range. In addition, gunners will receive an indicator that will help them find the correct firing angle to compensate for target lead and projectile drop.
  • Right-click to activate zoom.
  • Mouse-wheel to change zoom level (up to three times - x4, x8 and x16 magnification).
Set of binoculars used to scope the distance to a target and spot it. Keeping a ship within line of sight while will give the distance to target. Automaticly spots targets when zoomed in. This is bad for 'stealth' approaches. Use the Spyglass without spotting instead for ambushes.


The Range Finder gives its user the range to its target and have few additional function. This is useful for players who are using weapons with high shell drop and relatively slow projectile speed, so that they can tell by how much they need to compensate. It can also be used to tell whether or not a gun is in range.

It is not possible to use the Range Finder while using a gun, but possible on helm. Another crew member needs to use it instead and relay the range and activate aim assistance mechanism. Since the aiming assistance mechanism for activating and continuing to work requires a significant amount of time for one of the crew members to use the tool in zoom mode, and at the same time is imperfect, it is not very popular.

The Range Finder has the same limitations as the Spyglass. Tracking ships through or inside clouds is not possible.

Common Usage[edit | edit source]

The Range Finder currently is include all functions of the Spyglass alongside the range finding function, and are the preferred tool equipped instead. More about spotting mechanics can be found in Spyglass page. While all other function, including rangefinding, autospotting and aim assistance are work only in the zoom mode, manual spot with the left-click is still possible without. For crewmember who don't use tool, like a Pilot whos usually prefet to take manevring tools, it is always possible to tell the approximate range when looking at the mini map and comparing the distance between the spotted and the own ship to the map squares (one square ≘ 500 meters).

Update history[edit | edit source]

2.0.18 7th Anniversary Update[edit | edit source]

Spotting mechanics what was the prerogative of an exclusively Spyglass, was added to the tool.

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