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A portable telescope used to sight enemy ships at a distance and track them through cover.
  • Left-click to mark enemy ship.
  • Right-click to activate zoom.
  • Mouse-wheel to change zoom level (up to three times - x4, x8 and x16 magnification).
A portable telescope used to sight enemy ships at a distance and track them through cover. Marks up to four simultaneous targets


The Spyglass is a sighting tool used to mark enemy ships from a distance, to zoom in to enemy ships in order to see what condition their components are in, or to simply see an enemy which is outside the maximum view distance. It can be used by any crew member (not just the player on the helm – the pilot is advised to have other helm tools instead of the spyglass anyway) while walking around the ship or while at the helm. Marking a target places a box around the enemy ship and displaying the marked ship's name below it. This spot marker is visible to all ships on the team.

Enemy ships cannot be marked while they are in clouds. If an enemy ship is near a cloud, there is a chance that they will not be markable. If the line of sight between the spyglass user's ship and the marked ship gets obscured, through cloud cover or world obstacles, the spot markers will disappear after a short time.

It is not needed to activate zoom to actually spot enemy ships. This is in particular helpful if spots need to happen fast. Enemy ships can also be spotted through the own ship, which is useful when the enemy is located above or below the ship and there is no direct line of sight (helpful in combination with captain mark).

At clan level 13 a special golden skin will be unlocked for the Spyglass.

Common Usage[edit | edit source]

The spyglass is quite useful to engineers and gunners, as they will find little use in helm tools during their duties. This allows the player on the helm to focus on tools to increase maneuverability.

The closed eye opens indicating that you have been spotted by the enemy.

A ship is always notified of being spotted by a small icon right to the compass. In certain situations you might decide not to spot the enemy ship, thus avoiding alerting the enemy of your presence.

Update history[edit | edit source]

2.0.13 Brawler Update[edit | edit source]

Spotted ship names now use team colors (for all game modes).

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