The logo of a redeemable title.

Titles serve as an extension of the player's name, describing feats or ranks that the player have achieved. Titles are visible on the player's profile and on the leader-boards of a running match as well as the ending screen of one.

Selecting a Title Edit


User-interface for selecting the title.

To select a title, the player must go to his profile and click on the edit button next to his name and title(pencil icon). A user interface containing the changing of the name, title and quote of the player will pop out. The player can then select the title he wishes to wear.

When clicking on the right arrow to select from the available titles, only the title of the of the current rank of your currently selected class will be available for display, in addition of the non-rank related titles redeemed by the player.

Available Titles Edit

There are two types for titles available in the game: rank-related titles and obtainable titles (underdog matches, matches with novices, veteran matches and a clan reward).

Rank-related Titles Edit

Rank related titles are obtained by reaching to a new rank with a class. For example, a Technician for reaching level 22 as an Engineer or a Commander for reaching level 34 as a Pilot.

Rank Title Rank Title Rank Title
1 Sailor 4 Steerer 7 Able Sailor
10 Helmsman 13 Skipper 16 Aviator
19 Junior Navigator 22 Navigator 25 Chief Navigator
28 Sailing Master 31 Shipmaster 34 Commander
37 High Commander 40 Master Commander 43 Commander Elite
Rank Title Rank Title Rank Title
1 Swabbie 4 Deckhand 7 Able Engineer
10 Greaser 13 Roustabout 16 Airship Engineer
19 Junior Technician 22 Technician 25 Chief Technician
28 Specialist 31 Bosun 34 Deck Chief
37 Expert Engineer 40 Master Engineer 43 Master Engineer Elite
Rank Title Rank Title Rank Title
1 Powder Monkey 4 Lookout 7 Able Gunner
10 Cannoneer 13 Bombardier 16 Aerial Gunner
19 Junior Artillerist 22 Artillerist 25 Chief Artillerist
28 Striker 31 Marksman 34 Gunnery Chief
37 Expert Gunner 40 Master Gunner 43 Master Gunner Elite

Underdog Titles Edit

Title How to Obtain Title
Tide Turner Achieve Underdog Win 1 achievement
Survivor Achieve Underdog Win 2 achievement
Dark Horse Achieve Underdog Win 3 achievement
Blessed Champion Achieve Underdog Win 4 achievement
Favored Combatant Achieve Underdog Win 5 achievement
Miracle Thief Achieve Underdog Win 6 achievement

Novice Titles Edit

Title How to Obtain Title
Reckless Achieve Student Driver 2 achievement
Passionate Protector Achieve Student Driver 5 achievement
Truesighted Achieve Child Commander 2 achievement
Murderous Madcap Achieve Child Commander 5 achievement
Professor Achieve Novice Partnership 2 achievement
Crafty Custodian Achieve Novice Partnership 5 achievement
Mentor Achieve Novice Duo 2 achievement
Resolute Reinforcer Achieve Novice Duo 5 achievement
Advisor Achieve Novice Herding 2 achievement
Benevolent Bastion Achieve Novice Herding 5 achievement
Swashbuckler Achieve Novice Partnership Win 2 achievement
Humble Horror Achieve Novice Partnership Win 5 achievement
Honorguard Achieve Novice Duo Win 2 achievement
Vigilant Viceroy Achieve Novice Duo Win 5 achievement
Bloodsworn Achieve Novice Herding Win 2 achievement
Friendly Fiend Achieve Novice Herding Win 5 achievement
Undying Achieve Novice Perfection 2 achievement
Illustrious Immortal Achieve Novice Perfection 5 achievement

Veteran Titles Edit

Title How to Obtain Title
Mercenary Achieve Vet Completion 2 achievement
Gallant Gladiator Achieve Vet Completion 5 achievement
Pugilist Achieve Vet Victory 2 achievement
Cruel Corpsemaker Achieve Vet Victory 5 achievement
Champion Achieve Vet Domination 1 achievement
Reaper Achieve Vet Domination 2 achievement
Lethal Legend Achieve Vet Domination 3 achievement
Basher Achieve Vet Underdog Completion 2 achievement
Gory Gloryhound Achieve Vet Underdog Completion 5 achievement
Usurper Achieve Vet Underdog Victory 2 achievement
Blockade Breaker Achieve Vet Underdog Victory 5 achievement

Referral Rewards Edit

Title How to Obtain Title
Friendly Refer 1 friend
Apostle Refer 15 friends
Conscripted Refer 50 friends

Clan Rewards Edit

Title How to Obtain Title
Cultist Ranking up the clan to level 5 and gaining 2000 personal clan reputation points
Zealot Ranking up the clan to level 8 and gaining 3700 personal clan reputation points
Legionnaire Ranking up the clan to level 14 and gaining 7300 personal clan reputation points

Tournament Rewards Edit

Title How to Obtain Title
Blood and Brass Champion Winning Blood & Brass: Battle Royale[1] tournament.
Blood and Brass Finalist 2nd place in the Blood & Brass: Battle Royale tournament.
Blood and Brass Combatant Competing in the Blood & Brass: Battle Royale tournament.
The Wise Winning Blood & Brass: Battle Royale[1] tipping thread[2].
The Fortuneteller 2nd place in Blood & Brass: Battle Royale tipping thread.
Skirmish Champion Winning Sunday Community Skirmish[3] event (weekly, ongoing).
Skirmisher Competing in the Sunday Community Skirmish event (weekly, ongoing).
Master of the 7 Ships Winning the Deadly 7 Ships[1] tournament.
Sprocketeer Competing in the Sprocket League Cup[4].
Master Sprocketeer Winning the Sprocket League Cup[4].
Big Brass Contender Competing in the Big Brass Revival[5].
Big Brass Bruiser 3rd place in the Big Brass Revival[5].
Bigger Brass Bruiser 2nd place in the Big Brass Revival[5].
Biggest Brass Bruiser 1st place in the Big Brass Revival[5].

Other Event Rewards Edit

Title How to Obtain Title
Lunatic Mentor Partipating in the Lunar Novice Phenomenon[6] (Feb 5th - 29th, 2016).
Touring Troubadour Participating in the Troubadour of Burren Event[7] (Feb 10th - Mar 19th, 2016).
Slave Driver Dev Fireside Chat Competition (May 9th - May 22nd 2016).
Evangelist Participating in the Why We Fly Event[8] (June 9th - July 1st, 2016).
World Bearer Submitting a video for all categories in the Why We Fly Event.
Mine Magician Winning in the Monday Munker Madness event[9].

References Edit

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